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Working MumI joined Kleeneze for an extra €50 a week. I was looking for something part time, that I could work around my 3 children, just so that I would say “yes” more often than “No” to them. At the time I answered an advertisement in my local paper, I had my friend looking up Kleeneze on the internet, as I was looking for a product I had purchased from Kleeneze some years earlier, it needed to be replaced and I could find it nowhere! My friend didn’t find anything (must have spelt it wrong) but I did get a call from Gerry. I heard the name Kleeneze and that was enough for me. I joined straight away.

At first I was excited because I thought everyone would want to buy from the catalogue as I did, but this was not the way it worked. I was a bit disheartened but I was told to keep going. Of course some people didn’t want to see it but I found enough people who did. It took time to build my customer base, but build it I did. For a few years I was quite happy retailing. I was earning the extra money so I could say “Yes” to my children, but not the €50 I had planned… more like €150 – €200 per week, plus bonus!!

I had a lot of issues at the start. The biggest issue, been my confidence.I always thought that everybody else was better than me.That I could never measure up.That I will never succeed in this or any other adventure I may undertake.I found it hard to understand why people in this business would be telling me that I could do it. But they kept telling me until I realised that “YES”, I can do this.

Then my Husbands work dried up, He was only working a day here; a day there and then he had nothing.So then we were back to saying “No” to the kids.Early 2012 I made the decision it’s now or never. I need to build this. I need the money.

So I started to invest more money in myself…

I know. I didn’t have the money but in my view I can tighten that belt a little bit more for a while and give the business my best shot or I could just keep saying “no, we can’t afford this”So I sat down with my family, then with my team and said “Right, I am investing what I need to invest to build this, what do I have to do”I needed more people to show the business opportunity to, so that’s what I invested in. I sat down and wrote out my own goals and done my own 90 day plan. Over the next 6 months, my business changed dramatically.

My business had taken off. I went from earning €800 per month working around my family to €1,700 per month while being still being able to work around my family.Next year, 2013, I will be in Dubai on an all expense paid trip by Kleeneze and my business will be even bigger!!

Majella Mc Gonagle (Mayo)

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