Engineer Retires Early

Shane and Janet Hartley

We joined the business just to earn an extra £200 a month. We knew our pension plans would not give us the income that we needed to live comfortably when we retired so the extra money would top up our pensions.

Shane works as an engineer and I worked as a midwife, both fulltime.My job was becoming more stressful and I was expected to work more hours with very little rewards, so I took early retirement in September and started working the business full time.

I now have no stress and I have the freedom to do what I want when I want. We have made some fantastic friends along the way who give us advice and support.

We qualified for an all expenses paid trip to Cannes and we are looking forward to qualify for a dream holiday to Hong Kong.

This business can give you WHATEVER you want, be it more money, more time, more security & peace of mind OR all of them!


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