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I find that the main thing that puts people off  is the start up investment, but like with any business before you can trade, you need to buy tools.  I had a previous business as a car valeter and took out a loan to buy everything I needed, which altogether came to £4500!

I put everything into making it work but found that I was losing more and more money every day. There wasn’t enough money to pay my loan repayments and I ended up in a lot of debt and knew I’d have to get a job. The only problem was I didn’t want to work for anyone else after being self employed.

Then one day I spotted an advert in the paper to earn an extra income, replied to it and got an info pack on Kleeneze. I’d never heard of Kleeneze before but liked what I saw and got started with 200 catalogues for less than £150!! At the end of my first month I earned £279.

In the early days I didn’t see the big picture and just saw it as a way of making a little extra money to help pay off my debts, but after going along to a few meetings and mixing with other Kleeneze people, I started to see that there was more to it.

Eventually I gave up the valeting business and concentrated on Kleeneze full time, and since then the money has gone up and up. In July last year, with the help and support of a fantastic team, I reached the level of Gold Distributor and just for maintaining that level for 3 months, Kleeneze rewarded me with a 5 star, all expenses paid trip of a lifetime to Hong Kong! Not only that but my last 3 cheques amounted to over £8500! Not bad considering I’m only 24 years old! 🙂

Below is my cheque for July this year. It just goes to show that with some effort and determination, Kleeneze can definitely change your life!
Daniel Davies

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