Making Money Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the most commonly asked questions.

Q. I all ready have a full time job can I start part time?

A. Many of the people that join the business work it on a part time basis. It is up yo you to choose the hours you want to work.

Q. How do I make money?

A. You make 20% profit on every product that is ordered from you, and if you have orders in excess of €925 per sales period you will also qualify for bonuses.

Q. What if I dont get any orders?

A. We always get an average return per catalogue out, so the more catalogues out the more orders you get. This is a proven system that works.

Q. I cant afford the Kit to start?

A. We do recommend that you start with at least the basic builder kit (50 catalogues) but we do offer a free option (5 catalogues and your own online shop).

Q. There is another distributor in my area can I still do the business?

A. Yes there are no set areas in the business,you are free to work where you want. We find that distributors establish a customer base and only call on them leaving plenty of business in between.

 Q. How much money can I really make?

A. Your income will be in direct per portion to your efforts. €200 + per week are common part time, €750 + per week full time and if you decide to build a business for yourself the earnings are unlimited.

Q. How do I get started?

A. Simply contact the person who sent you the information, they will then send you a link and you can register online.

Q. I dont know much about business what training and support will I get?

A. We will give you all the support and training that you will need to be successful. You will be in business for yourself but not by yourself. The rest is up to you.

Q. Its seems too good to be true so what is the catch?

A. The only catch to this business is that it involves work. The only place that success comes before work is in the dictionary.

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