Company History

Kleeneze Company History

>Kleenezestarted with a man named Harry Crook. After working in America for the Fuller Brush Company, he returned to England in 1923 and set up his own brush company in Bristol called the Kleen-E-Ze Brush company.Since it’s beginnings in 1923,Kleeneze has enjoyed a profit during every single year of trading even during the war years.1930 saw Kleeneze‘s first major milestone when it exceeded £1 million turnover,which was a massive amount of money in those days. Watch the short DVD below on our proud history and even brighter future.

Kleeneze introduces Network Marketing in 1970

KleenezeMore products were introduced and Kleeneze made further history in 1959 by becoming the first company to implement the 40 hour working week.In 1970 Kleeneze led the way by becoming one of the first companies in Europe to pioneer network marketing-a brave step at the time,but one they have never regretted. Now in the new millennium,Kleeneze has expanded to incorporate Ireland, Netherlands and Germany.Kleeneze is a highly successful, ethical company offering the most exciting business opportunity in Ireland & the UK. In 2011 Kleeneze Launched its online shopping business which allows customers to shop online as well a through its traditional catalogue business and in 2012 Kleeneze will launch its party plan model which will allow customers another way to shop and distributors another way to move products.

Kleeneze earning potential

Kleeneze offers an unlimited earning potential for its distributors. When you become a Kleeneze distributor you have access to their product ranges which you can sell through their home shopping catalogue, your own online shop (provided by Kleeneze) and party plan. Also you can build a team of distributors and Kleeneze will pay you a percentage of yours and your teams turnover. Through this system Kleeneze distributors can build a sustainable business for themselves.

Kleeneze Growth

Kleeneze has gone from a turnover of less than £6 million to a turnover of approximately £115 million within the last 8 years and this has already produced incomes of over £50,000 every 4 weeks! Projected growth is that the company is going to be turning over more than £250 million within the next five years. With less than 25% of households in the UK and Ireland being serviced by a Kleeneze distributor and a marketplace of more than 400 million people on the European mainland, the potential earnings with Kleeneze are phenomenal.

Kleeneze holds 2 company conferences a year at the NIA and the NEC, in Birmingham.

All distributors in the business are welcome to attend and have the opportunity to see all the big networkers on the stage tell their stories about how they got to where they are in the business.

They are all great fun and there is always a dinner dance afterwards giving everyone the chance to have some fun with their own teams!

Kleeneze really is the easy way to shop from home. We specialise in supplying a quality range of unique home, garden, health, beauty and gift products direct to your door for free, through our network of independent distributors. Operating throughout the UK, Ireland, Netherlands and now Germany, Kleeneze is a well-respected household name.

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