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Work from home MumMy name is Marie as a mother of three wonderful children and a fantastic step son I would like to share my story so far with you I started off life growing up in a very happy family went to school but never liked it by the age of 16 and breaking my mums heart I decided I was leaving school to work in a children’s clothes shop from there went on to work in a Grocery shop and married at 17 worked in my ex husbands family business as a bus driver doing school runs things went from bad to worse with my marriage at the age of 25 I fled the family home to set up a new  and better life for myself and my kids leaving everything behind I decided to spend the first year looking after the kids with them two of them starting school we were happy but broke but I could sleep at night.

Then two years later I decided to get back into the work place and took a job as an operative on a production line in a computer parts company and very quickly worked my way up to team leader began to enjoy good money coming in again after years of court cases and trying to get on housing schemes. I decided to look for ways of being able to afford a mortgage on my own I was granted a loan through shared ownership scheme for a private street house which just came up for sale.

Then age of 33 I got bored with the shift work and knew there was more to life, not having much time as the company wanted more time from me when they decided to expand and open another plant in another town adding more commuting hours to my all ready long working day.

Being A Work from Home Mum really Changed My Life

I decided I wanted to do something for myself that was more flexible for myself and the children, answering a lot of adds and requesting info on quite a few opportunities, that’s when I came across Kleeneze as a self employment opportunity started to build up a customer base but I didn’t understand straight away there was such a massive opportunity behind the name Kleeneze.

A few years on I met my now partner through the business and the rest is history.We began to work together build a team of successful Kleeneze distributors. I never imagined Kleeneze would give me the lifestyle we now have at the age of 45 we own two French properties fully paid for earning us a rental income which were purchased as a pension fund.

As A Work From Home Mum I Am My Own Boss

Kleeneze RewardsHaving left school so young with little experience I have learned so many skills personal development, team coaching and public speaking drive top of the range cars and have a very small mortgage on our 5 bed detached house which I call home and if that wasn’t enough we qualified for six conferences five star fully paid for by our company to places such as Monaco, Barbados, South Africa, Australia an in 2003 were awarded with a top of the range 3 series BMW just for helping people I shared this business idea to built and expand their own businesses.As a work from home mam I have the time to spend with the kids and am always there for them.Whether you wish to be a work from home Mam or Dad take 5 minutes to watch this short video.



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  1. Paul Fallon says:

    Great person I know her well.Turned rags to riches.Take note she is the real thing.

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